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Video Advertising Banners are an effective way to generate awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your website. Video banner ads are a great asset for digital marketers wanting to create engaging campaigns. They offer dynamism and can attract your audiences' attention more than static images. Video banners can help brands to bridge the gap and can be very useful if you want to experiment with the narrative within the ads to target specific audiences. Following your branding guidelines, our design team will create video banners for you to use as part of your paid search advertising campaign. These will be delivered to you in an Adobe Flash format.

Get in touch about video banners ads...

When you want to run a display advertising campaign.

When you want to generate more traffic/conversions from paid search advertising.

When you want to showcase your product or service better through video/animation.

When you want a flexible and engaging tool that drives all external traffic for your call-to-action to a single-theme.

When you want to boost social media shares and engagement.

Why creatives are so important for display and programmatic campaigns

What our clients say

High quality ad creatives and a smooth, clear process

We were delighted with the quality of the creatives we received from Webcertain. The team took time to understand our campaign goals and our brand, both of which were reflected in the ads. There was a clear process and deadlines, which helped the project run smoothly and ensured our timescales were met without any compromise on quality. We have since worked with the team on additional projects and would be confident doing so for any future work.

Why video banners ads?

Online users now consume videos a lot more than text making video banner ads a great way for brands to showcase their products or services and reach the perfect demographic for their business. It uses the normal space provided for a banner ad but delivers a video experience as opposed to other ad formats, allowing you to include additional messaging for a higher interactivity rate.

A good video banner provides the viewer with a positive choice and experience of your brand. They perform better than static banner ads when it comes to click-through rate and can be a very effective remarketing tool for increasing ROI. Video banners also enable you to track and measure a variety of important metrics and behaviours such as; number of users who viewed an embedded video and percentage of video viewed.

After you have provided branding guidelines and the video file, we will build and adapt video banners which you can then use as part of your search engine PPC campaign. The banners will be supplied in an Adobe Flash format (swf and fla).

The video banners ads process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire to clarify your campaign objectives. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with creating the banners and is the foundation for all our quality checks.

We will ask you to provide your branding guidelines as well as the video you want us to include in the banners. We can integrate any type video file, and if you do not have a video, we can source the right video for you from video stock providers (please note the cost of buying a stock video is not included in this service cost). We will also need to know the sizes of the banners that you want us to create.

Our design team will then create the banners, carefully following your requirements. We will deliver the video adverts in an Adobe Flash format (swf and fla).

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