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If you want to give your customers further information based on their location in an engaging visual format, then a location-based augmented reality app that allows users to scan a marker and overlays a digital image can provide a useful solution. An app developer will build a location-based augmented reality app for your business, and conduct a thorough check to ensure features display and function correctly. We will require your sign off before submitting to the Apple App Store and once live, 3 months of development support is given to ensure your app remains stable and bug free.


Here’s when Location-Based Augmented Reality App For iOS can help!

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    When gaining a competitive edge requires innovation and forward thinking

  • 2

    When you want to enhance engagement beyond your existing web experience

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    When you want to boost brand awareness with an increasingly app-savvy market

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    When you want to provide digital information to users in a specific location

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    When you want to provide enhanced product information to customers



Location-based augmented reality is when a mobile device pin-points a user’s location via GPS and orientation is determined by digital compass, gyroscope and accelerometer. Digital data which is relative to a particular location can then be displayed in the device screen which is overlaid onto real-time images of the user’s surroundings, collected by the device camera.

Augmented reality (AR) apps offer brands an exciting and potentially limitless array of opportunities to engage with businesses and consumers. Some applications for locational AR include:

  • Educational apps – Museums which display historical exhibits could use AR to let users visualise local historical features, which have long gone, in their current surroundings and also give visitors an audio commentary, based on their location.
  • Travel & tourism apps – A hotel or holiday resort could show their guests’ information about their facilities or points of interest near to them.
  • Retail apps – A retail chain or shopping mall could guide users to a specific store or even display the latest offers for shops immediately around them.
  • Real estate apps – A real estate company could develop an app which allows users to locate properties nearby, show sales/rental information, give directions to a particular viewing and display information about local amenities.

Our experienced iOS developers will create a location-based augmented reality app to your brand and design specifications. We will apply rigorous quality checks throughout development to ensure that all systems are functioning correctly and that the app displays information as specified. The app will be tested internally and you’ll be invited to as well, to ensure you’re happy with the app before we submit it to the Apple App Store.


Quality process

An experienced app project manager will run through a detailed brief to understand your business, products and objectives for your app.

In order for us to deliver this service, you will need:

  • An app concept
  • App workflow clearly defined
  • Server (and ability to give us access)
  • An Apple developer account
  • Screen graphics (or at least a design specification for these)
  • App content in an editable format (e.g. XML, CSV, .strings, .plist)
  • App screen design and library of assets (.psd format)
  • App Store page content including title, a description of your app and keywords

Based on your app concept, we will need to understand which 3rd party APIs are to be used to supply data to the app. We can provide integration of Google places as part of this service, however additional APIs will need to be quoted separately.

We will also create the functionality for you to add your own location markers and graphics, which can be viewed by app users in their immediate surroundings. We will need to understand the types of locational markers you wish to add, so a database can be created accordingly.

Next we will create the database and content management system (CMS) in a staged environment. 3rd party APIs will be integrated and tested to ensure all the relevant data is being populated into the database as planned. Web services will be setup to transfer the necessary data between CMS and the app.

Our experienced iOS app developers will then code your app for iPhone or iPad, to the specified workflow and screen designs. A beta version will be tested on our devices internally to ensure data is being transferred and displays correctly in the app.

Once you have also tested you app and given it your approval, we will transfer the CMS to your server and submit your app to the Apple App Store. Once submission is completed, Apple will review your app manually and usually gives approval within 2 – 4 weeks.

When your app is made live, we will provide 3 months of free development support to ensure your app remains stable and bug free.


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Location-Based Augmented Reality App For iOS

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