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Localytics is a mobile analytics platform that provides you with insights with how visitors use your app, which you can use to improve the user experience or refine your marketing campaigns. Your project manager will integrate your Localytics account to your app, running a series of tests to ensure that it is working correctly. They will also provide recommendations about which screens and events should be tagged, which will be delivered to you in an Excel format.


Here’s when Localytics Integration for Android can help!

  • 1

    When you want to monitor the performance of your app

  • 2

    When you want to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns

  • 3

    After the development of you app is complete, but prior to launching it in the app stores



Localytics is a mobile analytics platform which provides real-time data, detailed segmentation of visitor sessions and can collect up to 75 data points with their ‘premium’ package (recommended). Localytics does not disclose data to 3rd parties and any offline user data is time-stamped and logged retrospectively to maintain an accurate account of user trends.

Insights gained via Localytics data will allow you to refine the user experience and design of your app over time and, by monitoring referring traffic, can be a powerful tool when evaluating the impact of your marketing campaigns.

We will guide you through the integration and setup of Localytics, testing the instrumentation prior to launching your app. We will also provide recommendations which will include a plan for tagging up to 10 screen types and up to 5 events.


Quality process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire to clarify your objectives. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the service and is the foundation for all our quality checks. In order to deliver this service, all we need is for you to sign up with a Localytics Premium package.

An app project manager will ascertain the objective of your app and all the relevant screens and key events that need to be tracked. Then they will guide you through the integration process which includes registering with the Localytics web service and creating an API key for your app. This will enable you to download the appropriate client library. They’ll then align all the relevant function calls in this library with the tracking objectives of your app and deliver their recommendations via a tracking plan for your developers to implement. Their recommendations will include a plan for tagging up to 10 screen types and up to 5 events.

They will also test the app via an emulator or device, working with your developers to ensure the installation is successful and data is being recorded in the Localytics dashboard before you launch your app.


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Localytics Integration for Android

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