International PPC: Create calls-to-action that convert

Calls-to-action (CTA) are a crucial part of any international pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy. However, the most successful CTAs vary considerably from country to country, which creates a challenge for international advertisers. This guide will explain how to create compelling CTAs that convert, which should help boost the performance of your international PPC campaigns. From reading this guide, you will learn:

  • the markets in which salesy CTAs could actually have an adverse effect
  • the languages in which CTAs do not translate very easily
  • examples of when the most effective CTAs differ between same-language markets
  • what to do when you do not have room to include both a CTA and a message in your ad

Whether you are just getting started with international PPC or if you want to improve your existing efforts, this guide is a must for any company wanting to ensure they are using the most effective CTAs possible in their international PPC campaigns.