AR marketing: Take me to reality

There is a new, creative way for marketers to connect with customers and increase engagement by facilitating the creation of innovative campaigns where the digital world meets the real world: augmented reality (AR). According to Statista, the AR market has already amounted to USD 16.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 160 billion by 2023. Marketers cannot afford to ignore this new technology. AR is advancing at such a pace that a lot of what marketers currently do is likely to change when AR goes mainstream. This guide will explain what AR is, and how marketers can use it to enrich the customer experience. From reading this guide, you will learn:

  • the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality
  • examples of AR marketing from big brands such as Jeep, Siemens and Lowe's
  • how you can use AR, with further examples of use cases
  • the best platforms you can use to create your AR app

Whether you are just getting started with AR marketing or if you want to improve your existing efforts, this guide is a must for any company wanting to get ahead of the curve and embrace the exciting new technology that is augmented reality.