A guide to PPC advertising for the education sector

The education sector is a competitive one, and keywords for PPC campaigns can be very expensive. Nevertheless, a paid online advertising campaign is a must in an era when parents and prospective students primarily base their decisions on where to study on information found online. If your educational institution is struggling to see good results from your online advertising efforts, never fear. This guide will delve deep into these ten actionable tips to help you succeed at international PPC advertising for the education sector:

  • do your research and get to know your market
  • identify your audience and define who you are targeting
  • bear seasonality in mind
  • have rich and informative content
  • localise, localise, localise
  • be aware of local search engines – including a case study
  • make your ads relevant for the audience
  • make the most of ad extensions
  • make the usability of your website top-notch
  • do not forget mobile

Whether you are just getting started with PPC advertising or if you want to improve your existing efforts, this guide is a must for any educational institution wanting to improve the performance of their PPC campaigns.