A guide to hotel marketing in a changing travel sector

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the travel industry on its head, causing chaos for hoteliers. Thankfully, the world seems slowly to be opening back up and travel is once again returning. But the nature of travel has changed. What does this mean for hoteliers and the way they approach hotel marketing? This guide will answer that question by carefully examining the changes in traveller behaviour and expectations, as well as hoteliers' creative responses to this unprecedented crisis. From reading this guide, you will learn:

  • changes in traveller behaviour and expectations, going in-depth into the rise of flexcations, road trips, holiday rentals, and digital nomads
  • hoteliers' creative responses to an unprecedented crisis, such as embracing inspirational content, a new way of doing food and beverage, hybrid meetings, new technology, and new services

Whether you are just getting started with hotel marketing or if you want to improve your existing efforts, this guide is a must for any hotelier wanting to improve their marketing efforts during this time of rapid change within the travel and tourism industry.