UK And France No Longer In Internet Population Top 10

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Data from Internet World Stats has revealed that the UK and France are no longer in the top 10 markets for internet population. These countries have been replaced in the top 10 by newcomers Mexico and Indonesia. Indonesia almost doubled its internet population between 2014 and 2015, jumping from 12th to 8th globally. As developed markets reach internet saturation point and developing countries with large populations start to come online, we can expect to see more emerging markets in the top 10 in coming years. Nigeria was in the top 10 last year but, thanks to a boom in smartphone ownership, has overtaken Germany to take 7th place. It is approaching an internet population of 100 million – with over half the Nigerian population now having access to the internet. Russia has also made a great splash with close to 25% year-on-year growth and an internet population now above 100 million. Japan, in turn, has dropped to 5th, overtaken by Brazil. However, despite now being the 4th largest internet market in the world, Brazil has seen relatively modest growth, its maturity considered. Looking at the top of the table, second-place India keeps growing by leaps and bounds, with over 50% growth year-on-year and an internet population of 375 million people. In contrast, growth has slowed down considerably in China, although with a staggering 674 million internet users, the country is still the undisputed champion when it comes to the number of citizens online. The total global internet population is 3.3 billion people. 

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