Search trends in the travel and tourism industry

This study compares and analyses keyword research for five travel keywords (package holidays, luxury holidays, cruise holidays, adventure holidays and city breaks) in five countries (the UK, the US, China, Russia and the UAE). The results of this study reveal the differing needs and changing preferences of these different types of travellers, whilst highlighting the need to perform local keyword research for every market you want to target. From this research, you will gain insights into the following, for the five markets studied:

  • what types of travel are becoming more or less popular in different countries
  • seasonality of searches
  • trends on what is important to different types of travellers in different countries
  • whether domestic or international travel is more popular
  • anything else that comes up repeatedly and is noteworthy (e.g. travel costs, accommodation types, a family focus)

Whether you are just getting started in the travel industry or if you want to improve your existing efforts, this guide is a must for anyone wanting to understand the importance of local keyword research and gain insights into differing travel preferences around the world.