Scheme Launches In Pakistan To Teach Women Tech Skills

SheSkills is available in a physical classroom and online

An initiative has been launched in Pakistan that aims to help women boost their digital skills. The scheme, called SheSkills, is available in a physical classroom environment or as an online teaching course. The idea for SheSkills has become popular due to conservative attitudes in areas of the country meaning that women are unable to work in mixed-sex classrooms, whilst also being largely unable to travel too far from home. Created by Saad Hamid, the project is described as a way in which to get more women in the country into technology, increasing the opportunities for people to begin their own entrepreneurial activities. Hamid said that after another female-only event he held, he was “overwhelmed with requests from girls who wanted to learn skills like coding, digital marketing and design”. The boot camps run for six-weeks, and teaches students both online and offline skills. It is thought that such initiatives will help increase the percentage of women in the country's tech industry, which currently stands at just 14%. 

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