Research Reveals Ecommerce Landscape In Romania

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Research by GPeC has revealed the ecommerce landscape in Romania. The Romanian ecommerce market was worth 1.4 billion Euros last year, up by 0.3 billion Euros on the previous year. Around a third of Romanians engage in online shopping, equivalent to just over half of internet users in the country. There has been significant growth in mobile commerce, with 20% of online shoppers reporting that they had bought an item using their mobile phone in the last year. The average Romanian online shopper makes 8.2 purchases a year, with the vast majority opting for the cash-on-delivery payment option. Romanians are keen embracers of cross-border ecommerce, with research from Visa suggesting that they spend on average 18 Euros more on foreign ecommerce sites than domestic ones. The most common product categories bought online are electronics, fashion, beauty, home and decoration, and children's items and toys. 

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