Pay-per-click advertising for the education sector

The education industry is a competitive one, and keywords for PPC campaigns can be very expensive. Having said this, a paid marketing campaign is a must in an era when students primarily base their decisions on where to study on information found online. Our guide gathers the precious advice we collated by working with several international clients in the education sector, in markets ranging from the US, Latin America, and Canada, to Europe and the Middle East.

Amongst others, the guide looks at:

  • Why it's important to conduct a thorough research of your target market.
  • Why you should know your audience and how they search.
  • The importance of localisation and country-specific search engines when running PPC campaigns for the education sector.
  • Why you should invest in the usability of your website and have a strategy for mobile.

Discover what you need to boost your international PPC campaigns for the education sector!