Multiple Russian Websites Blocked In Ukraine

The censorship is a response to Russia's annexation of Crimea

Ukraine has imposed fresh sanctions against Russia, banning some extremely popular Russian websites in the process. Ukraine's president brought in the restrictions in a delayed response to Russia's annexation of Crimea, meaning that more than 460 companies and 1,200 people from Russia are now banned from entering or operating in Ukraine for the next three years. The sanctions mean that the search engine Yandex, the email service and the social networks VK and Odnoklassniki are now blocked in Ukraine. In response, the Russian news channel Russia 24 has demonstrated ways to overcome the block using VPNs. The host of a talk-show on the channel told viewers that they could “download an application that changes the country of your location to the one where the resource is allowed”, before explaining how to use the software. Yandex itself has also released a built-in VPN option within its Ukrainian mobile browser on Android. 

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