How To Target The Domestic Russian Travel Market

Jafar Mahir sits with us to talk us through the Russian travel sector.

The travel market in Russia

Jafar Mahir joins us from Performics Mediavest to talk about targeting the Russian travel sector online. We discuss how marketers can approach the domestic travel market in the country, as well as how Russia itself stands apart from other countries and what opportunities that opens up. Jafar also touches on the ways in which campaigns can be optimised to appeal to a Russian audience, including the impact of mobile and user behaviour.

Find out more about:

  • How travel uses digital in Russia
  • How Russian audeinces differ from those in other markets

Jafar is an Associate Biddable Director at Starcom MediaVest Group, and has worked for the organisation for more than five years. In this time, he has worked with multiple search campaigns.

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