HTTP vs HTTPS and their impact on SEO

Their global relevance

HTTP vs HTTPS and their impact on SEO

In August 2014 Google officially announced that switching your website over to HTTPS would give you a ranking boost. But what are HTTP and HTTPS? In this guide, we have a look at this as well as at why you should consider moving your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

What the 'HTTP vs HTTPS and their impact on SEO' guide covers

A modern layout

Our guide combines useful information with great design

Why The Shift?

We explain who should consider migrating and why

International relevance

Our guide also looks at HTTPS and HTTP/S in Baidu, Yandex and Bing, and at their use in multi-market websites

Practical take-aways

What are the benefits of migrating? How should you do it? Why is HTTP/2 faster? Find out this and more in our guide

The Benefits from an SEO Perspective

Why HTTPS is preferred by search engines, and how it can benefit your website rankings

Professional Help at Hand

The information in this chapter is provided by industry professionals

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