Google Faces Antitrust Measures In Russia & South Korea

Google has already been embroiled in an antitrust scandal in Europe

Google is facing the wrath of yet more antitrust regulators, this time from Russia and South Korea. After being on the receiving end of a formal investigation of the same nature from the European Commission earlier this year, the search company has been ordered to pay 6.8 million US dollars to Russia's anti-monopoly watchdog. The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service in the country ruled last year that Google had made all Android devices overly dependent on Google services, to an illegal extent. Meanwhile, South Korea's antitrust regulator made a statement on the same day, stating that it had begun formal investigations into the company for violating anti-competition laws. The Korea Fair Trade Commission has previously investigated Google's headquarters in Seoul in July, but no other information was given. The investigation is said to be ongoing. 

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