Fins Reluctant To Share Personal Info With Marketers

Internet users in Finland are reluctant to share their personal information with marketers, according to research by IROResearch. Just 8% of Fins said they would definitely give marketers their email address in order to receive personalised communications, with this proportion falling to just 5% for physical addresses and 3% for phone numbers. Females were more likely than males to give marketers their personal details, as well people aged 25-34. When looking at the number who could consider providing their personal details in return for more targeted communications, 49% said they'd consider providing their email address, with this number falling to 32% for physical addresses and 15% for phone numbers. Finnish internet users are not afraid of using the internet for ecommerce, however. A recent study by the Office for National Statistics found that Finland ranked eighth in Europe for ecommerce, with 68% saying they had engaged in online shopping in the previous year.