Everjobs Expands To Cover All Of Sri Lanka

The jobs site Everjobs has announced that it is expanding to cover all of Sri Lanka. Previously, it had only been operating in the capital. Everjobs allows companies to post vacancies on the site for a fee, whilst job seekers can search and apply for jobs for free. The Sri Lankan internet market is relatively immature, with just 20% of Sri Lanka's population of 21 million people currently having access to the internet. Rather than seeing this as a hindrance, however, Everjobs sees it as an opportunity, saying that if they can become an established and trusted player in the online jobs market whilst internet penetration low, they will reap the rewards when internet penetration inevitably rises. Demographics are also on Everjobs' side: young people are the most likely to be unemployed in Sri Lanka, and they are also the most likely to use the internet.