An introduction to programmatic advertising

An introduction to programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is proving to be a game changer amongst brands, and the most optimisable type of media. The integrated AI is sky-rocketing performance and automating the buying and selling of media. With ad spend on this technology forecast to exceed £228 billion worldwide, it's high time marketers and advertisers became more comfortable with programmatic.

From reading our guide you will learn:

  • how programmatic advertising has evolved to become what it is today, and why some are still reticent to try this technology
  • the cost- and time-saving benefits of employing programmatic
  • how other companies successfully added programmatic to their strategy
  • the truth about beliefs that this technology is subject to high fraud rates
  • how programmatic can help you handle big volumes of data

Whether you want to save money or would like more time to devolve to your advertising strategy rather than spending it on bidding, programmatic is sure to bring added value to your current PPC practices.

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