Bad Backlinks on Google and Yandex
Learn how to correctly manage low-quality backlinks and improve your global rankings
Boost Your Online Visibility
Avoid penalties from search engines by effectively dealing with your low-quality links

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Backlinks are a prominent tool in international SEO, helping improving rankings and visibility. Learn how to tackle bad links coming from an untrustworthy website: from the penalties imposed by both Google and Yandex, to the difficulty of spotting bad links and the necessity for ongoing quality assessment.

What ‘Breaking Bad Backlinks’ Covers:

What Are Bad Backlinks, and How Do You Tackle Them?

Find out how to assess the quality of your backlinks and avoid penalties which will affect your visibility

Accurate and Reliable Information

Our articles are written by experts in the field

Maintain Good Rankings

High-quality backlinks are vital for high ranking, make sure you look after them by following our tips

Practical Advice

From how to identify low-quality links, avoid penalisation from search engines, and appealing to Google, we’ve got it covered!

Know Your Penalties

From algorithmic to manual penalty, we tell you what to expect if you incur into bad links

Learn About The Approach Of Different Search Engines

Read about the differences in how Google and Yandex tackle bad backlinks


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Breaking Bad Links tells you how to recognise low-quality links, get rid of them and avoid incurring into penalties from search engines. Boost your online visibility now!

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