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Spread That Content Fast

Spread That Content Fast

Sharing your content with a global audience

You’ve spent ages crafting the perfect piece of content. It’s unique, relevant and engaging and you really want it to be read far and wide, by the audience who you’ve carefully created it for.

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But with so much new content being created every day, even every minute, ensuring that yours stands out from the crowd and resonates with the intended target readership is the real challenge.

Now more than ever, social media has the power to make or break a piece of content and its social shares, likes and endorsements that will really amplify your content and build the buzz around it. 

And speed is the name of the game. What’s new and interesting today will be replaced by something different tomorrow so you need to act fast if you want to make a splash and get noticed.

When conducting a social campaign on an international scale it’s important to consolidate across all channels and platforms to have a unified effort. This will help you to reach as wide an audience as possible across the different social networks whilst keeping your message consistent.

Social - spread content 2You can’t simply publish something and expect people to share it, however – connecting with your audience in a meaningful way is the key to success. People generally share content from those who they know and trust, so it is essential to build a good reputation with your target audience. This will help to foster trust with them and encourage them to share your content and further expand your content’s reach.

Finally, it’s important to remember to repurpose your content and message in different ways to appeal to different personas. By altering the way you promote your content to be as appealing as possible to these different people-types, you maximise the chances of them reading and ultimately sharing your content.

At Webcertain, we’re well versed in getting the global word out, and we do it by:

  • Knowing the relevant networks that are most popular in each country – and being able to post appropriate content for that platform
  • Knowing how audiences differ in their use of social media across different countries and understanding how to produce culturally-appropriate content that appeal to different personas
  • Combining different elements such as conducting paid search campaigns, sharing on the appropriate social media sites, sending out emails and reaching out to the key, relevant influencers – for maximum impact
  • Using native specialists who are naturally in tune with your target market to choose the right tone and style for the culture and audience
Spread That Content Fast

So go on,

and spread your content around the world!

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