Genuine Inbound Link Generation

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Genuine Inbound Link Generation

Genuine Inbound Link Generation

Getting those quality links flooding in

The landscape of links has changed over the past couple of years, however, they remain as important as ever and still have the power to make or break online success. Whatever form they might take, links are still very clear signals to the search engines that your content is relevant, good quality and valuable – and worth ranking highly in their results pages.

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If they are quality, natural, relevant links, of course. A variety of updates and algorithm changes have indicated more strongly than ever that it’s quality that counts. Now more than ever, relying on sub-standard, engineered links could result in damaging penalties for your site and your brand.

When we move into international realms, a major sign of quality is the use of local links; that is links that come from websites and sources in the same language and from the same market. These links will have the most value as they indicate relevance to both search engines and visitors, giving them confidence that the content is appropriate for the local audience.

This of course makes things trickier. It’s one thing being able to check and control links in one market and one language but managing that over a huge network of multi-language sites is a bigger challenge. 

There are questions such as:

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    Which websites are considered quality in this market?
  • What type of links will be most effective?
  • How should I approach link requests?
  • Which anchor text will be most appropriate?

Unfortunately the answers to these, and the many other questions you might ask, will be different for each market and therefore so must your strategy be.

Fortunately, that is where Webcertain comes in.  Running multinational link campaigns is as normal for us as putting the kettle on! And this is how we do it:

  • Finger on the pulse of changes in SEO/Social
  • Native specialists who understand the nuance of their market
  • Work hard to understand your business and audience so we know we’re targeting the right places
  • Stringent, regular quality checks on all our resources
Genuine Inbound Link Generation

So go on,

There you go, we don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be!

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