Auditing Your Global Presence

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Auditing Your Global Presence

Auditing Your Global Presence

Discover how your site looks and behaves in every target market to maximise

Anyone can audit a website right?  Wrong!  Any one person can’t audit diddly-squat in the global environment even if they consider themselves “global citizens”.  Why? Because the web world knows exactly where they are and responds accordingly.  Check a French site from the UK and you’re French or English?  Check a Chinese site from Germany and you’re Chinese or German?  Answers please on a postcard (but forgive us if we check where you bought the stamp).

Auditing Your Website's Global PresenceIn order to properly audit a global website you need a team with global access – which is one of the reasons Webcertain has a network of web servers all around the world – and a professional team which speaks all the major languages on the planet.  (Klingon not included).

You see, to see what users see – and search engines too – you really need to be able to mimic the users behaviour and location.  Then, to truly understand what might be causing the challenges you face, you have to be able to interpret the language.  (You will hear people say that a programmer can read the code of any website, which is true, but that doesn’t mean they can judge it’s impact and they certainly won’t have a clue about those keywords).

And there are some particular issues which require an SEO specialist with international experience – as you might have gathered we employ a few of those and they’ve all had not a little international experience. 

Auditing Your Website's Global PresenceNow the thing is, if you’re looking globally or international or worldwide, then your project is big.  Rubs hands with glee.  That means we get to charge you bucket loads of dosh right?  Actually this is the reason so many agencies jump into the international world because they figure that large sites equals big money.  But it ain’t necessarily so.

Firstly, if the project really is BIG, then the effort from us will have to be correspondingly BIG and delivered in multiple languages so we’ll have to work very hard at delivering success to you so we can actually charge you those large numbers.  But it’s just as likely that you’ll want a more focused approach which with razor-like accuracy pinpoints the issues on your site without the mega bucks invoice pinging into your inbox.

To recap, Webcertain can help you audit your search by:

  • Checking your site from many different corners of the globe. 
  • Providing an international SEO team which has been round the block a few times for international sites.
  • Mistakes, we’ve seen a few (actually more than a few) so we’re likely to know where to look to start with.  (We’ll get that razor out of the toolbag for absolute precision).
  • You’ll get an Action Plan which is prioritised and one you can actually understand.  And we’ll talk you right through it answering any questions you have!
Auditing Your Global Presence

So go on,

There you go, we don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be!

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