Maximising ROI By Region

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Maximising ROI By Region

Maximising ROI By Region

React to the global marketplace and make the most of your international budgets

Your agency works on ROI right?  But do they look at the ROI per region or country and do you trust them to maximise your ROI by region?  Why would you want to do that – let us explain…

Maximising ROI By RegionLet’s say we’re promoting Product X globally for you and maximising the return in each market.  We have a planned budget and we have a split per region of how that budget should be spent. 

Then one day, a celebrity in Region Y, which normally does OK but doesn’t get huge budgets allocated, goes onto TV and raves about Product X.  Suddenly, everyone is diving into Google and looking for Product X.  So much so, that the budget for that region runs out in just a few hours.  Oh dear.  Opportunity missed.  But wait there’s a solution…

Supposing your agency (Webcertain in this case) spots the spike of activity in Region Y and raids your other regions to support the spike in business – would you be happy or sad?  We think happy you and happy boss as your sales would have grown quite substantially!

Maximising ROI by region is exactly this.  It means going with the flow of your customers when we need to and without running to you every five minutes for permission.  We should add, that we only act on our own initiative like this when you’ve agreed in advance that we can do that!  And most of the time this is about marginal tweaks rather than extreme spikes – as we’d almost certainly be telling you if our celebrity in question started promoting you on TV.  Well you’d want to know that wouldn’t you?

Maximising ROI By Region

What does maximising ROI by region really mean in practice?

  • It means we have a flexible agreement with you to move money around to different countries and regions when the opportunity says that that makes sense.
  • We also keep an eye on the general allocation of budgets and suggest improvements to the returns we can make for you, if we could just move this little bit of budget from here to there.
  • Of course, this also works in reverse, if a region is drooping and performance is just not where you and we would like it to be, we’ll simply move it.
  • We will take account of the limitations on this approach for your business – if you have product to move in Region Z, we won’t sacrifice that to sell product that’s already sold out in Region Y. 
  • Just common sense really – we’ve invested a lot to figure out what’s “common” though!
Maximising ROI By Region

Let us maximise your ROI,

There you go, we don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be!

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