Blending Global and Local

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Blending Global And Local

Blending Global And Local

Combine global strategy with local understanding to achieve results in international media campaigns

A global campaign is a big deal and we’re not talking about budget.  “Global” campaigns sometimes have tiny budgets as often they’re very niche.  No, we’re talking about the fact that there is no such thing as “global” – only local.  If you said, “To succeed globally, you must go local” right?  You’d be right and also wrong.

Media blending global and localBut, if you said that everything to do with online “media” should be invested centrally, you’d be right and wrong too.  In fact, the secret sauce of international media success is blending local passion with central logic, it’s about the head at the centre, ruling the heart that is local.  But it’s also about listening to the heart and the passion.  Blending the best of global with the best of local is the true answer.

Easily said, but in practice?  At Webcertain we’re definitely blenders.  We have a team of native-speakers of all the world’s major languages that can, when necessary, implement and launch global campaigns really quickly and consistently.  We can watch them perform, understand why they succeed or fail, improve and fix things and really get things rolling.

Media blending global and localIn part, the “local” passion is covered thanks to their family and birth connections.  They’re from there and understand the culture intimately.

However, we want you to succeed and will leave no stone unturned to make sure you do.  For this reason, we also have an extensive network of partners who extend our media reach to the places your competitors dream about.

What does blending global and local really mean? 

  • Blending means we deploy the best practice approach for your project!  If it’s small and needs a fast roll-out, we’re your choice.
  • If your campaign demands that we dig deep into the target market, we’re also your choice.
  • Of course, we work with Google, Baidu, Naver, Daum, Seznam, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing!
  • Language and culture are part of everything we do, whatever approach we take
  • We’re always adding new, local, media partners to get you in front your customers
Blending Global And Local

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