Consistent Global Branding

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Consistent Global Branding

Consistent Global Branding

Ensure your precious brand is consistent and well-represented everywhere you go

How much money and how many man hours of effort did you invest to develop that brand?  Even for a small business, that will be a relatively huge effort.   Then you go and hand it over to some agency you’ve rarely met and then you let them translate your message into multiple languages you don’t speak.

Consistent Global BrandingThen the agency (including us) has lots of different staff who each only have a small role to play on your project but because of their specialist online marketing training and expertise in the language, are needed to help out!   You’ve got to admit, there’s a lot of variables here and a lot of things could go seriously wrong– including your health!

Webcertain’s brand and our technology has also had a HUGE investment of time effort and money precisely to offer you the confidence that we’ll protect your reputation wherever in the world we work for you.    

Our Project Briefing process is particularly thorough – and that’s because we believe in have a centralised repository to store the knowledge all members of our team and teams, require at any moment.  We’ve come across many different situations and for that reason, we’ll ask you quite a few questions – but that’s just designed to protect you and us from your brand going awol.

Consistent Global BrandingBranding doesn’t just mean your logo, of course, it includes the way you represent your message in online search ads, the way you organise your web pages and navigation approach and the degree to which you are aggressive or laid back in your on page website copy.

What steps does Webcertain take to ensure consistent global branding? 

  • We have a very thorough project briefing process and a technology which means everyone involved on your project has access to very explicit information about the handling of the brand.
  • We try as far as possible to maintain the same brand and messages – which means if that has to vary for some local cultural reason, you’ll always be involved in the decision.
  • What happens when you don’t want a consistent message for legal or local agreement reasons?  That’s easy as our system logs your information by region and language so we always know exactly where we should be!
Consistent Global Branding

Let us help you with your global branding efforts,

There you go, we don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be!

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