Market Selection And Discovery

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Market Selection And Discovery

Market Selection And Discovery

Conducting keyword research to identify key target markets

International market selection and discoveryYou’ve got to love keywords. Not only do they help us create effective search campaigns, they actually can help us decide where to create those campaigns in the first place.

Here comes the element of scepticism – why would I need keywords to tell me where to target? I’ve got my analytics and existing sales trends to help with that! And true, those things certainly help but they are better at telling you what you’re already doing, while keywords can help you see what you’re currently missing.

Unless you have a marketing team the size of Spain, an uncapped marketing budget and frankly a few screws loose, it’s very unlikely that you’ll want to target every country around the globe. So doesn’t it make sense to invest your time and money into the markets with the greatest demand for what you’ve got to offer?

Keyword research can give insights into trends, how much demand there is likely to be for your product, how competitive the market is – all information that can help you decide whether it has potential or not. There are of course other factors you should take into account – but this data will certainly help you sort the wheat from the chaff and create a shortlist which you can investigate further.

All our research is conducted by a native of each market, who will combine language, cultural and search marketing knowledge to provide an assessment of the viability of market for your product or service. Our thorough briefing process will ensure that everyone involved in your project is working to the same goal and requirements – delivering consistent results while allowing for individual market nuances.

International market selection and discoveryHow can Webcertain’s keyword research help with your market selection

  • We’re well-versed in international keyword research and understand how to identify trends and pick out opportunities.
  • Only a native of the country and language will conduct the research, to ensure neither opportunities nor threats are overlooked or misinterpreted.
  • We’ll give you additional data to consider to make more informed international strategy decisions
Market Selection And Discovery

So go on,

and let us help you with your international market selection!

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