Keyword Insights To Lift SEO

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Keyword Insights To Lift SEO

Keyword Insights To Lift SEO

International keyword research to boost your global SEO

Keyword insights for SEOHands up if you think keywords are important. Good, so we’re all agreed. Keywords will make or break an SEO programme. It’s a simple as that. Keyword research is more than just producing a list of terms to be dutifully REPLACEed x amount of times onto your web page. It gives you vital insights into your market and your audience which can be used to power your entire international SEO strategy.

Which keywords are most appropriate for which pages? Where should we focus our link building efforts? How should we structure our site and which products should be grouped together?

These are just a few of the many questions you should be asking when developing your international strategy – and keyword research can help you answer them all. Keywords represent the thoughts, needs and wishes of your target audience – they are telling you what they want from you. All you need to do is look and listen!

Of course, what somebody wants in Brazil is likely to be very different to the needs of someone in China – meaning that conducting keyword research for every individual market you want to target is essential.

There is no alternative. In-language keyword research is the only way to get a true picture of how your potential customers search for your offerings online – and you can bet your SEO budget that it won’t be using the direct translation of your English keywords.

Combining native language knowledge with SEO expertise, we will leave no stone unturned to create a comprehensive keyword list for every market you want to reach and will use it to help you develop an unbeatable international SEO strategy

Keyword insights for SEOHow  can Webcertain make a difference?

  • International keyword research is at the heart of everything we do
  • Our specialists have in-depth, local knowledge of the market they are researching
  • We’re experienced in working with all the major search engines around the world
  • We understand how to apply what we discover to your entire SEO campaign to maximise performance in every single market
  • We have in-house speakers in over 44 languages – so we cover all corners of the globe
Keyword Insights To Lift SEO

So go on,

and give your international SEO campaigns a lift!

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