What Makes Your Customers Tick?

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What Makes Your Customers Tick

What Makes Your Customers Tick?

Seeking out customer insights to create successful strategies

International customersKeyword research doesn’t – or shouldn’t – just happen when you’re launching a site. Used effectively, it’s an on-going process that will help you develop, refine and improve your service offering and your marketing.

Things change quickly, trends move on and something which was popular last year might have now faded into obscurity. This is even more true in the global context, with multiple factors affecting what’s hot and what’s not in different countries.

It’s not always about trends, but also habits, cultural preferences and local requirements. Keyword research can help you discover potential opportunities that you might not have previously considered and guide your product/service decisions market by market.

International customersTake some recent keyword research for a tourism client. It revealed that while popular searches in France focused around nightclub hotspots and good food, the Japanese and Korean users were much more interested in parks and gardens they could visit and the outdoors activities on offer. Such insights help to localise content specifically by region, prioritising the most relevant information and giving users a better experience.

We use our search experience and local cultural knowledge to seek out these customer insights and translate them into successful strategies and tactics to ensure our clients succeed and each and every global market they target.

How Webcertain can tell you what makes your customers tick

  • We use all of the data available to paint a picture of your potential customer segments in every target market
  • Our native specialist have experience in gathering and interpreting keyword data to discover the hidden gems within it
  • We have the local market understanding and language knowledge to capitalise on new opportunities we uncover
What Makes Your Customers Tick

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