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The Management Platform for Global Search and Social Marketing Teams

Having commited a number of years and millions of dollars to the project, Global Central was recently launched as an app giving even easier and quicker access for customers to their crucial information.

Webcertain is dedicated to serving the complex needs of global clients and especially so in its development of “Global Central” - a management platform purpose-designed to help the marketing teams of international businesses plan, execute and measure global digital marketing deployments, bringing together central and local teams as well as stakeholders.

Global Central brings easy organisation and efficiency to the deployment and measurement of intricate multi-country, multi-language and multi-timezone activities and especially delivers the right deployment or performance information to the right person at the right time.

The goal behind Global Central is clear:

"To make the life of marketers easy, giving them control and instant access to progress and performance information, broken out by countries, languages and types of activity."

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The Key Features of Global Central

Global Central offers a wide range of features and functions to support and enhance international digital projects.

Global Central Analytics

Manage and Monitor International Performance

  • Check overall performance on an integrated dashboard
  • Daily global rankings across all your countries
  • Check your keyword situation across all your target markets
  • See your bought media performance by country
  • Manage conversion views and ROI settings
  • Integrates data from multiple 3rd Party tools

Global Central
Best Practice

Give your Team Access to Best Practice Guides and Reports

  • The latest global digital marketing reports and guides
  • Control access to Best Practice for customers or global teams
  • Check and authorise all content to ensure it meets your needs
  • See your bought media performance by country
  • Keep track of who on your team is checking out which documents
  • Request bespoke content creation for your specific requirements

Global Central Project Management

24/7 Access to the Status and Progress of Your Global Projects

  • Contains all global Projects in one location
  • Captures detailed project briefing information
  • Tracks project progress in real-time
  • Displays due dates, lead times and service details
  • Provides transparency on everything Webcertain does
  • Facilitates forward planning and budgeting

Who Does Global Central Serve?

Global search marketing specialists

with distributed teams who need a way of leading them in a common direction

International companies

with many stakeholders who want to reduce admin and share quality information more easily


who are targeting multiple markets online and need to ensure they achieve a return on their global marketing investment

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Global Central Analytics

Global Central Analytics combines and collates data from a range of sources to provide an in-depth and accurate picture of global performance across all channels and media.

There is no other software that assembles all of your data, by country, into a single dashboard for fast and easy analysis
  • Manage conversion views and ROI settings
  • Daily global rankings across all your countries
  • Check your keyword situation looking at a range of different factors across all your target markets
  • Check overall performance on an integrated dashboard
  • See your bought media performance by country and analsyed by campaign, keywords, ads and many other factors

Current Integrations for Global Central Analytics:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Baidu
  • Yandex
  • Yandex Metrika
  • Marketo
  • Site Catalyst/Omniture

Integrations we’re working on:

  • Adobe CQ
  • Web Trends
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • App Downloads
  • App Store rankings
  • Salesforce

Global Central Best Practice

A major challenge for global businesses is achieving consistency across all regions and ensuring that teams around the world follow the same processes and guidelines. Global Central Best Practice is a resource full of reports, guides, articles, presentations and templates which they can be adapted and shared with global teams. Managers have the ability to select which content is displayed to their teams, add additional bespoke content and monitor which users are actually accessing the information.

  • Set-up and control access to Best Practice documents for customers
  • Check and authorise “How to...” documents to make sure your team globally knows how to do things
  • Keep track of who on your team is checking out which documents
  • Set alerts to notify colleagues when something new is added
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Global Central Project Management

With multiple divisions, countries and languages at play, keeping track of international digital marketing projects and progress can be a big task. Global Central enables you to monitor and manage all projects, across all markets in one place, giving you real-time, 24/7 access to progress wherever you are in the world.

  • Stores service process details
  • Allocates instructions on projects to co-workers
  • Captures project briefing information from customers for quality control and delivery
  • Creates priced plans quickly for customers
  • Manages customer budgets and accounts
  • Provides total transparency into everything Webcertain does
  • Records marketing investments down to the last cent
  • Customers can track progress by each individual project
  • Provides due dates and lead times
  • Message your contacts without leaving the site
  • Store, group and manage your global keyword set
  • Works in 22 different currencies, updating exchange rates daily
  • Easy and instant access to invoices
  • Pay invoices and top up balances online by credit card
  • Manage budgets online and check instant budget values
  • Work in progress automatically deducted from budgets
  • Instant reports segment your spend by region or country and type of service
  • Check how up-to-date your payments are

Custom Integrations and Capabilities


If it walks or talks internet, and has an API, we can plug it in and integrate it. Many of our customers have systems they need us to talk to and that’s not a problem. We expect a new integration to be needed for every new major client!


We built it. We’re still building it. Because it’s OUR technology, we can twist it, bend it and make it do whatever you need giving Global Central a literally vast capability.

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