Effective Global Content Strategies

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Effective Global Content Strategies

Effective Global Content Strategies

Producing quality international content for your website

The writing is on the wall.  Content is the new marketing driver and international content strategies are the difference between winning or seeing your competitors sail away with the prize.

Many have already realised the importance of content and the significance of making your own domain – or sometimes your Facebook page – a magnetic go-to web destination in today’s online marketing world.  The more channels there are, the more social sharing there is, the more people are drowned with the noise of the web, the more essential it is to make sure that your brand domain stands out from the rest due to its sheer authority, weight and gravitas.

Getting there in one country is tough – but to do it globally?  There are so many obstacles, so many traps for the unwary and so few practitioners who really know what they’re doing.

Effective Global Content StrategiesThe issues? Let’s start with the brainstorming.  It’s the brainstorming which comes up with all those super-duper amazing ideas that are going to stun the audience with their brilliance and bring them in droves to the website.  So that’s fine for the US or the UK?  But will that healthcare infographic which tells how many people are on medicare work in France?  Nope, different system.  Germany?  Nope, different system! Italy?  Sorry no – nor Spain nor just about anywhere actually except the original domestic base of the organisation.

You see the brainstorming can’t even start until the business is understood and its operation in all the different markets is grasped by the team running the international content strategy.  Or, what you could do, is run the brainstorming, come up with the ideas, then select a bunch of agencies, hand over your ideas and say “There you go, bet you can’t beat that where you are!”  (This is the nearest many organisations get to a true global content strategy but what it truly means is “Let’s reinvent the wheel everywhere and pay for it from our deep bottomless pockets!”

Effective Global Content StrategiesNo.  What you really need is an international integrated team which can generate content strategies which will work everywhere right from the outset.  Webcertain’s international strategy team is manned by people from every corner of the globe and they’re all in one place.  And they’ve done this global content thing so many times before.  And they have partners in every corner of the globe to make the delivery a dream.

Phew.  That sounds so much easier.  How does Webcertain do this?

  • First, we recruited a team of talented online marketing people from all over the world.
  • Then we exposed them to the widest range of international clients faced by anyone in any agency, ever in the history of marketing.
  • Then we asked them to figure out content strategies which would work everywhere.
  • To top it all, we researched and added agency partners in all of the most important countries.
  • Yes there were tears, there were arguments, there were disagreements but suddenly effective strategies emerged which really could be built on a global basis – but then we discovered we have to do this for each client and business case.
  • More tears – then smiles!!
Effective Global Content Strategies

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