Amazing Content Delivery Everywhere?

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Amazing Content Delivery Everywhere

Amazing Content Delivery Everywhere?

Delivering content from all four corners of the world

Yes you need to think about global strategies, but actually the troops are revolting in Upper Pamplonia and we need to do something there NOW!  Good news, at Webcertain we actually have someone who comes from Upper Pamplonia* but has been trained in online marketing by us and now works as part of our integrated team at headquarters.

Global content deliveryYou could of course find someone based directly in Upper Pamplonia to help (we can help with too if that’s what you need).  However, our normal service is designed to enable you to switch resources and effort from one market very quickly to another, whilst sticking to a consistent brief and brand message.

Our team has the experience to judge whether we need to recommend that you adjust and adapt part of your message for a target region or whether its important to stick to and reinforce the corporate brand image.  So, no, we won’t tell you that your corporate brand needs a redesign to work in Vietnam or that your colour scheme doesn’t work in Outer Pamplonia – unless we know for certain that that is an absolute imperative.

Global content deliveryIf you hear an agency say, “You need to go local in everything you do”, they’re either dreaming, they’ve heard that that’s the right thing to say OR they’re rubbing their hands in the glee at the prospect of the budget you’re going to have to give them.  They’d be re-desiging the Coca Cola brand in all 200 countries and that would make them very rich – not!

The main task is developing your content in the target region appropriately and doing that inside the corporate envelope as far as is appropriate – and appropriate means accounting for planning for the future too.  We’ll even always have an eye to, and preference for, content which has a wider application potential than just Upper Pamplonia and its rebels.

So, how does Webcertain deliver the content magic bullet just to where you need it most at a moment’s notice?  Well mainly because:

  • We’re almost certainly already delivering content to that part of the world as we’ve been in this field for rather longer than we’d like to admit.
  • We have our own in-house systems that enable us to understand which of our resources are being used for what at a moment’s notice (actually we just click a “Submit” button and hey presto there’s the answer), which simply means we can see how to redploy resources very quickly.
  • Our technology enables us to see which approach works where giving us greater insight for our future recommendations.

Hey presto!  If you need targeted magic content – try clicking that global content button called “enquire” and ???????

*Actually Upper Pamplonia doesn’t really exist – but we’re sure if it did the people there would be really nice and not revolt.

Amazing Content Delivery Everywhere

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