Presenting Progress To The C-Suite

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Presenting Progress To The C-Suite

Presenting Progress To The C-Suite

Delivering real insights to the top-tier individuals in your business

The CEOs, CMOs, CIOs and C-3POs that populate the boardrooms of our world are amongst the brightest and best people on our planet.  No, they really are.  Look, they may appear to want things presenting in real basic form – but do they?  Isn’t it true that your average C-suiter has little time to spare and wants to get right to the nub of the matter, yesterday.

Presenting Progress To The C-Suite analyticsThey don’t want to become,  nor do they need to be a guru on every aspect of your business.  If they were they’b be micro-managing every step, wouldn’t be able to “see the wood for the trees” and would drown in big data pools.  You see, it’s important they focus on the bigger issues because it’s your job to look after the detail and they have to make the best big decisions they can.  Agreed?

However, getting to the nub or to the heart of the matter in analytics terms is like prospecting for gold.  You stand up to your knees in cold water for hours on end and every now and then a fraction of nugget glistens and you try to capture it.  It’s these nuggets you’re after and its really tough to get hold of them.

You often hear expressions such as “insights” or “actionable data” but just like “ROI”, these are things which it’s easy to mutter and much more difficult to muster.  What’s C-suite compatible is explaining something clearly, simply and insightfully.  And you know you’ve succeeded when the C-recipient knows exactly what action to take, right away, right in the meeting where it’s discussed.

Presenting Progress To The C-Suite analytics

So if our goal is instant-action-capable-reporting!  The bigger question is how we do actually get there?  And the Webcertain answer is:

  • First we start by understanding what the C-people’s priorities are, if necessary putting them on the spot to choose one priority over another
  • Second, we look very deep into the details of your online marketing activity (and offline if needs be) to figure out how it actually works – in other words what makes it all hang together
  • Then we look for parallels and correlations between the real life world, and the virtual identifying data sources which are most revealing
  • Then, and only then, we build your dashboard built on top of our highly sophisticated Webcertain-built Global Central SaaS system
  • Then we click the button; close our eyes; count to three – and when we look again ALL is revealed
Presenting Progress To The C-Suite

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