Nailing Conversion Improvement

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Nailing Conversion Improvement

Nailing Conversion Improvement

Converting international visitors to international customers

Nailing Conversion ImprovementHad you heard there are some folks still focusing on traffic, but not you eh?  What the traffic obsessed haven’t figured yet is that even small margins of improvement to conversion make a l-a-r-g-e difference to business performance with very little impact on cost.  And what’s more, even search engine rankings are influenced by users sticking with sites they visit.

No, no, traffic obsession alone is not going to drive your business forwards and make the money roll in.  Getting conversion right is key.  For a great site it’s all about testing small tweaks which incrementally add up to a lot.  But most sites aren’t really great and could do with some improvement.  For these, it’s not difficult to see uplifts in improvement of 50% and beyond.  But let’s not get too excited yet, we haven’t looked at your site yet (smile – we’re sure it’ll be lovely).

And because we’re an international outfit, we look at conversion through a different lens.  Sometimes it’s a Chinese lens, sometimes Russian or it might be German or any one of 44 other languages.  We have quite a lot of lenses!  It is true, there are some basic conversion requirements apply to all cultures, but some are very specific to one culture and some apply to groups of cultures such as “slavic language countries”.

We’ve so much experience of “things international” (decades in fact) that like any good craftsmen, we’ve probably nailed that issue before and have the know-how as to how it works – which means we can tell you what changes you need to make to ratchet up that performance.

Nailing Conversion ImprovementWe’ve been through the impacts of right versus left reading content, colours and payments systems as well as the subtle – but frightening – impacts which language misunderstandings can have.  And yes, change the words and position of that button may well have the desired effect.  All of these we’ve touched oooodles of times.

And we can say with confidence that, “no” there isn’t a simple checklist you can produce which has everything on it which will sort out every marketers conversion issues .  Nailing the conversion really means working from an innate understanding of the customer’s motives and issues.  And since customers fall into different types, that means evolving a detailed set of personas which describe different groups of behaviours which can be analysed and addressed.

Our approach involves using lots and lots of different formulas to nail the issue:

  • Analytics + observation + focus groups
  • Attribution modelling + a/b tests + questionnaires
  • Hypotheses + mutlivariate testing
  • Reverse path analysis + product return rates + focus groups
  • Big guesses + big data + magic dust
Nailing Conversion Improvement

So nail the issue we certainly will

Having read this far, if you don’t convert by clicking on the enquiry button then we definitely didn’t understand you. Please enquire anyway and tell us how we failed to convert you.

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