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Just Give Me The Numbers

Just Give Me The Numbers

Providing the data that every marketer wants to get their hands on

Why is it sooo difficult to get people to just add two numbers together and come up with the correct answer?  It’s a bit like “common sense” where you’d think everyone had it, but in reality few do.  So, why don’t my people give me numbers?  Do you give them the tools?  Do they need software? Can they handle the complex technological requirements of modern day  marketing with the resources at their disposal?  Are they used to working with APIs for instance?

Analytics getting the data numbersThe modern day marketer is more than ever interested in getting to the “numbers”, but the journey there is somewhat longer and windier than its ever been before.  And the good news is, well no there is no good news, it’s actually just getting more and more complex every day.

Just about five years ago, the Webcertain team realised that part of future lay in being creative with technology and that it was no longer worthwhile paying others for our software because we needed to be able to bend, break and mend data flows in order to give our customers that precious number – a number that is actually critical to the success of our business and especially of yours in the years to come.

After a significant amount of blood, sweat and tears; money, time and stress, Webcertain now has a bendy-software package that we can adapt to create square, triangular or oblong dashboards.  What we’re trying to say is “WE WON’T LET ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY OF GETTING YOU YOUR NUMBERS!”  Technology is the new creativity, as they say.

Analytics getting the data numbersWant to know what information we can use to create your number?  Everything from how much you spend with us, when, and where; to what Google or other search engine Webmaster Tools tell us about  your organic website presence; to the traditional web analytics programmes such as Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, Metrika, Web Trends and anything else that can count web visits; to marketing tools such as Marketo or Eloqua; to your own website forms and sales systems; to systems we create directly for your teams.

How does Webcertain make sense of the data to get to the number?

  • Basically put, we have to understand your business
  • We have to figure out what knowledge systems of any kind are available
  • We draw up a plan to string them together
  • Then we start threading the data togeher
Just Give Me The Numbers

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