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About Us

Webcertain has been delivering international online performance marketing activities for many years and has also strived to the get the right data and numbers for its clients, both in terms of dashboards and presentation of information for customers, but also in the numbers themselves are actually good.

Analytics is great for telling you if things are going well or badly and it can help to identify exactly where there is an issue, but often there’s still a significant intuitive leap to make towards hitting the right performance button.  Intuition means people and we’ve always taken the view that good people need good support and good technology, but good technology also depends on the feedback it gets from its users.

That’s why we have make such extensive investments in building our own software platforms rather than relying on other peoples.  This is by far the best way to release the talent in our people. 

And, since we deliver training to clients and other agencies, our teams get an above average opportunity to get intensive training in all aspects of analytics and digital marketing training – many have participated in courses at our International Marketing School in Barcelona and some have actually reached the level that we trust them to deliver training to others as practitioner-trainers.

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